Loosdorf, Melk/ Danube,  Austria





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The Hohe Schule was constructed around 1574 as a educational centre by the Earl of Losenstein, who also constructed the nearby Schallaburg and Churchsee details

The Hohe Schule played an important role in the reformation  period  ('Reformationszeit').  It is the first School in C. Europe with its own written  Educational Regulations,  ('Schul-Ordnung'). The building has been put on the list of Austria's protected Cultural goods ('Denkmalschutz'), especially for its arcades.

The University of Vienna carries out research on the function of the Hohe Schule in the wider context of reformation and contra-reformation in the 16th century in Europe. A detailed description of the role of the ' Hohe Schule' in the Reformation period has been prepared by Ms M. Miklas.